Based in the heart of the Commercial hub of Pakistan, RK&D is a leading multi-disciplinary set who are committed to providing you with expert advocacy and quality advice. Our members appear in courts throughout the country from the District Courts and High Courts to the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

We have built a culture of collaboration and excellence in which each person is encouraged, supported and trained to be world class. This is the key to excellent results for our people and our clients.

Our clients include corporates, multinationals and state-owned enterprises across a range of industry sectors as well as financial institutions and governments.

RK&D has established itself as one of the Karachi’s leading law firms. We have a reputation for providing ethical, high quality legal services and access to justice for all of our clients.

Why Choose Us

Modern, Efficient Methods

It's often said that lawyers are slow to change. We reject that tradition, embracing technology as a tool to help us serve our clients more efficiently. In our years of practice, we've identified many outdated methods in the practice of law. At RK&D, we aim to fix them.

Honest Risk Assessment

Legal action always involves some element of risk. To skim over that fact would be a grave disservice to our clients. Before we agree to representation, we make sure our clients understand all benefits and risks involved in our proposed course of action. Our goal is to give you the tools necessary to make an informed decision for yourself. At RK&D, you can expect an honest, straightforward evaluation of the merits of your case, the drawbacks and hurdles in your case, the chances that you will prevail, what you are likely to recover if you do prevail, what the costs and risks will be if you proceed.

Honest, Upfront Billing

We believe that lawyers should not be in the business of sales. Too often, individuals sign up for a lawsuit, or sign-over a percentage of their recoveries, without a clear understanding of the finances involved. This causes confusion and dissatisfaction - two feelings that we never want our clients to experience. That's why we make sure that all financial questions are answered to the client's satisfaction, before we move forward with any representation.


We are "all in" for RK&D and for our clients, which means, we’re eager to serve, we own our successes and failures, and we’re always mindful of our broader mission. And when we encounter adversity, we search far and wide for the opportunity hidden behind it. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals by providing commercially focused legal advice of the highest quality that will consistently exceed their expectations.

Our Sectors